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2022 (forthcoming)

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  • Cea, A., Palacios, R., Assessment of Geometrically Nonlinear Effects on the Aeroelastic Behavior of a Transport Aircraft Configuration

  • Cea, A., Palacios, R., (2022) Parametric Reduced Order Models for Aeroelastic Design of Very Flexible Aircraft. AIAA SciTech 2022


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  • Ma, Y., Karpuk, S., Elham, A. (2021) Conceptual design and comparative study of strut-braced wing and twin-fuselage aircraft configurations with ultra-high aspect ratio wings, AIAA Aviation Forum, August. 

  • Ma. Y., Minisci, E., Elham, A., (2021) Investigating the Influence of Uncertainty in Novel Airframe Technologies on Realizing Ultra-high Aspect Ratio Wings. AeroBest 2021, August.

  • Fortunato, G., Pascarella, G, Minisci, E., Fossati, M. (2021). Assessment of Model Uncertainty of Nonlinear Reduced Order Methods for Aerodynamic Design. AIAA Aviation Forum, August. (accepted)

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  • Fortunato, G., Pascarella, G. Barrenechea, G., Fossati, M. (2021). Residual-based error estimation for adaptive reduced order modelling​. SIAM CSE 2021 Minisymposium: Reduced Order Modeling for Parametric CFD Problems, March.

  • Fortunato, G., Pascarella, G., Barrenechea, G., Fossati, M. (2021). Adaptive Reduced Order Modelling for Steady Aerodynamics Flows. AIAA Scitech 2021 .


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